Friday, 30 June 2017

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what kind of seeds do wild bird prefer 

My prediction was partly correct. As predicted the Black Sunflower seeds were most popular. This was closely followed by the French White Millet seed.  However it was the Niger seeds that was least favorite not the Wild Berry Pellets as predicted.    Smaller birds seem to prefer smaller seed.  Sparrows and Finches were seen eating the French White Millet seed.  However bigger birds such as Blackbirds and Miners could handle the bigger Black Sunflower seeds but also ate the Millet.Some of the results may have been affected by rodents eating the seed.  Also over the 4 weeks there was some rain and wind that may have caused some loss of seed.These results may explain why Black Sunflower seed appears to be the easiest bird seed to find in pet stores and supermarkets.  These results also explain why Black Sunflower seed and French White Millet seem to make up the majority of wild bird seed mixes.