Monday, 7 December 2015

Term 4 Review

Maths - in maths I have been working on my times tables and I feel pretty good about them but I could be better.

Writing - I still find writing difficult - I struggle putting what is in my head on to the paper.

Reading - I have bought some new books called Bad Guys which I loved and this has helped me become more interested in reading.

Spelling - this term I have rocketed through the list of spelling - this is because I have been practising heaps.

Other stuff - this term I entered the Amazing Race at Hamilton Gardens.  My team mates were Boston, Leah, Zara, Breea, Nancy, Josh, Ava - and we were called the Pirongia Rebels and our team all had painted moutaches on our faces!  We had to complete obstacle courses, puzzles, quizzes, and other games within a certain time limit.  It was fun.

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