Tuesday, 22 September 2015


In speech's this term we had to choose a topic and I choose sugar is good for you 'really it is!

Camp trip

For camp this year went to Mount Maunganui.  When we got there we went to marine water park

Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Cyber Safety

                                                      Protect your Password like Family

Me and Caleb found a picture and we had to make a caption to do with cyber safety.  This is it above. We learnt that you should never give out your passwords to anyone.


For production we had choices for what group we wanted to be in - they included Africa, Fantasy, an Underwater scene, and Korea.  I choose Africa because its my favourite country.  We auditioned for what animal we wanted to be with Mrs Strathan.  I auditioned to be a meerkat  and I got in.  We practised 3 times a week. Being a meerkat meant we had to scamper and look around at the audience.  My costume was made out of a onesie.  Being in the production was better than what I thought.  I was quite nervous but after we finished I felt pretty good.


In science this term we had to choose a topic and we had to research it.  I started with 'Why did the Ice Age Beasts die out?'  My second topic was 'Why can the Thailand Walking Catfish survive out of water?'  My third topic was 'How can chameleon's change colour?'

I researched all these topics using the internet.  I googled them for information, and watched videos on you tube.  My favourite topic was the chameleon changing colour because it was quite fascinating how their skin is actually white and see through, and their body blends in with its surroundings.  They change colour so predators can't get them.  Not all chameleon can change colour - there are some smaller species that can not.